Presenting the history of American Art as seen through the eyes of Provincetown

Berta Walker Gallery has been highlighting the rich cultural heritage of Provincetown's more than 100-year old art colony for more than 25 years, and is known for showing a wide variety of important Provincetown-affiliated art and artists.

Wrote Andre Van Der Wende in Provincetown Arts: "Berta Walker's gallery mission is voiced in the motto that has guided her over the years, 'Presenting the History of American Art as seen through the Eyes of Provincetown'. She aims for nothing less than documenting the role that artists associated with Provincetown have played in the major movements in American art in the last [century] . . . making the past vital to the living artists she represents, replenishing the present with a curatorial finesse that is highly regarded."

Varujan Boghosian, Romolo Del Deo, Salvatore Del Deo, Rob Du Toit, Ed Giobbi, Dimitri Hadzi (estate), Elspeth Halvorsen, Robert Henry, Brenda Horowitz, Penelope Jencks, David Kaplan, Judyth Katz, John Kearney (estate), Anne MacAdam, Danielle Mailer, Erna Partoll, Sky Power, Paul Resika, Selina Trieff (estate), Peter Watts, Nancy Whorf (estate), Murray Zimiles

Photography: Susumu Kishihara, Dana McCannel, John Romualdi, Blair Resika, John Thomas

Major Collections of Provincetown Modernists dating from the early 1900's through artists of the Hawthorne & Hofmann schools, and others. Byron Browne, Oliver Chaffee, Marsden Hartley, Charles Heinz, Charles W. Hawthorne, Hans Hofmann, Edward Hopper, Karl Knaths, Blanche Lazzell, Vollian Rann, Ross Moffett, Agnes Weinrich

Provincetown Folk Art and Ancient African Carvings and Bronzes

Gallery Hours:

May 23 to September 7:
12pm to 5pm
Closed Tuesdays

Fall: To Be Announced

Always by appointment, and often by chance
508-487-6411 or 941-350-7135

Berta Walker, President & Curator

Grace Hopkins, Manager

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